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Sunday, 27 May 2012

23 Ways To get Your Blog Easily Indexed By Search Engines without Submission

Posted by mohammad abubakar on 11:46

Blog indexing has really gone beyond sumitting blogs and sites to Google, see why !

It is a known fact that about 67% (just speculating) of your Blog's traffic will come traditionally via search engines, and submitting your Blog's URL to these search engines does not even guarantee that your blog will get indexed at all, How ever the following tips I will be giving you below will help you get your blog automatically indexed in less that 24 hours without even bordering submitting your blog's URL to any of these top search engines.

Get your blog indexed in the next 24 hours, please don't even bother to submit it...

Writing and Submitting Articles To Article Directories:

This is of course one of my favorite methods of getting my Blogs indexed in a matter of hours from the time my article is being approved for display by the directory, remember search engines love fresh content and article directories are notorious for fresh contents every minute of the day. So when you write and submit articles, remember to leave your blog's url in your resource box so that when search engines crawl these directories (which is every day) they'll index your content and your url as well. Though the recent algorithm change by Google has in some ways Depreciated the value of links generated via articles, since most articles directories are mere content farms according to the "farmer or Panda update". Not withstanding this new change, article writing and submission still has its weight in gold. All that is required is to conform with rules and new TOS of some of the top article directories that are still in the business since most of them are into extinction and the ones remaining like ezinearticles, goarticles, articlesdashboard etc have sine got their acts together by weeding out irrelevant, duplicate and spam contents from their database, with all the recent and ongoing reforms going all across cyberspace since the Big G heavy hammer, it is my believe that if article writing and submission is done properly, it will regain its pre-panda value in this post panda times.

Forum Posting:

 A lot of people still don't know that high traffic forums like AskMen Forums, Digital point forums, Warrior Forums etc, bring in most of the traffic they could enjoy on their blogs that is if you are a resourceful and active user of any of the forums in your chosen niche; to get your blogs indexed by search engines, when you register on any of the forums, make sure you complete your profile and resource box by including one or all of your blogs url; when you contribute to any thread, your blog's url will be displayed below and if your contribution is good enough, most forum members will decide to see your blog, and if they do, just consider your blog one click away from being indexed by Google and Yahoo!

 Social Bookmarking:

If you are fond of Digg(ing) your post, getting it StubledUpon or even making it Del.io.us and so on, this is another source of link love for your blog; and since most of these sites are loved dearly by search engines, when any of your posts get bookmarked on any of these social sites, this is a big boost for it, and remember when it gets such boost, your blog's url is not left from the party, getting it easily included in Google and Yahoo's yellow pages. And I tell you social sites like Facebook have really gained more with the recent panda update, and sites who are lucky to get more digged or retweets are really soaring high up in SERP, don't say you heard it here first

 Posting Comments on High Traffic Blogs:

Though most blogs are "no follow" by nature especially some WordPress Blogs, however they are still others who are "do follow" and allow link backs to your blog and since these blogs get top listings in search engine result pages, it means that they are crawled regularly by top search engines. When you make comments on these blogs, make sure you leave a link back to your blog, when search engines crawl these blog, they will index your comments with your url: and make sure you make good and resourceful comments; not comments like "I like it", "very good post" "nice, thank you" and you expect to get a click from such comments, no my friend.

Leaving Links on already Indexed Blogs:

, Most people make the mistake of submitting a new blog's url to search engines, well this is setting your new blog many leagues behind; rather leave links of this new blog when you write posts on your old and already indexed blogs; when search engines crawl your already indexed blogs, they will index your postings with the link of your new blog, getting it indexed in less than 24 hours, try it!


Though this great site is a "no follow" kinda platform, but yet it is one of the greatest web apps that can help your blog get indexed in less than 24 hours, remember Google, Yahoo, MSN love HubPages, so when you make hubs, include your blog's RSS feed in any of the Hubpages RSS Feed Capsule, and consider your blog so exposed for comfort as the hits will trigger off, don't say I told you.


HubPages look alike, but the only difference is that squidoo is "do follow" which is another source of link love for your blog, all you need do is import your Blog's Feed to your lenses's module, giving your blog's post the exposure it sure needs, wonderful! I heard you say.

Adding Blog's RSS Feed to Google Blog Search and Pinging Service:

 When you make an update, just submit your blog's RSS Feed URL to this free service, remember it is a kind of ping service, sending alerts to it's big brother (Google Search) that there is food (fresh content) for it to gobble and in the process exposing your blog's URL for devouring! (indexed).

Adding Blog's RSS Feed to MyMSN/Bing Pages: 

If you are yet to sign up for a free hotmail or live account with MSN, then do so immediately you finish reading this; after you have gotten your account, sign in to your pages and you will see RSS Feeds, click on it and you will see add RSS, just add your blog's RSS Feed URL here, and when you make a new post, MSN/Bing search will crawl your Blog, getting it indexed immediately.

Adding Blog's RSS Feed to My Yahoo! Pages: Same as MSN/Bing:

Pinging Your Blog Post:

 :A ping service is a kind of alert to search engines and News Feeds services of fresh content; another great way to get your blog's URL indexed quickly, just make sure you ping your blog when ever there is a new post, this will trigger off an alert to the search engines who won't hesitate to see what the heck it is by crawling your site and getting it indexed in the process for future alerts. For a comprehensive list of Ping services, just do a Google search for "ping services" and you'll get a decent listing for it.

 Adding Tell-A-Friend-Script on Your Blog:

Another way to get your blog easily indexed with out you even submitting it; this works when you add a script to your blog, and when a person decides to send your blog via email to another friend, family member or colleague, it includes your blog's URL, distributing your Blog's url all over cyber space in the process.

Email Signatures

Though this might not be so effective as in adding your blog to search engines index, but it is a great way to get good and decent traffic to your blog this is why I added it, remember the sole purpose of getting your blog indexed by search engines is traffic, so if this can give you traffic then it is worth including. Email signatures are those small comments below an out going email telling the recipient of some offer or site (in this case).


This is what I call the rave of the moment and one of the century's best web app, another great and effective way of getting your blogs easily indexed. When you make tweets, remember to include your blog URL in your 140 word space template, and when your followers decide to click through, consider your blog included in search engines index, and what more, twitter is heavily crawled, so as your tweets are crawled, so will your Blog's URL, link love you will say!

Importing Blog to FaceBook.com Profile:

 When FaceBook decided to enable this function, they really made it a lot easier for newbies to get easy traffic and search engine indexing. To import your blog, go to application tab, click on notes, and you will see import blog, and you will be guided to the rest. The good thing here is that when you make new posts on your blog it shows on your profile, this is exactly what I did with my Cost Per Action where I primarily discuss Performance based marketing, top CPA Affiliate networks, Resources, tips and more: since I imported this blog it has become relatively easy for my FaceBook Friends who are interested in Performance Based marketing and Cost Per Action Affiliate marketing stuffs, to see my posts and new updates since it will be reflected in my facebook profile delivered via RSS Feeds. Of course FaceBook is loved by search engines as they love to visit this site every other day, so tell me what better way to get your blog indexed than this?

Claiming Your Blog on Technorati.Com:

: Technorati is one of the biggest blog search engine and blog pinging services, so when you register and claim your blog here, it makes it easier for your blogs via technorati tags, indexed quickly and easy!

Adding Your Blog To Blog Directories:

Blog directories like blogcatalog.com, blogexplosion, blogarama.com etc are great places you can get your blogs exposed for easy indexing

Writing and Uploading Ebooks and Files to Ebook Directories and File Sharing sites:

When you compile ebooks and special reports, articles etc and upload it to ebook directories like scibd.com, esnips.com, 4shared.com etc you are making it much more easier for search engines who crawl these directories and file sharing sites for new content to get your contents with your URL indexed in a short while, viral marketing reloaded did I hear somebody say?

Create and Upload Videos to YouTube.com: 

Creating good videos, for example video tutorials of something related to your blog's theme and uploading it for view on youTube can be very useful in the long run, cos as your video gets the required views and hits, so will the URL ( your blog) generating the video will, since Google owns this site, it loves crawling this site for video content search, so when a search is conducted for a related search based on relevant keywords, the chances of your video coming up in Google's SERP via YouTube is greatly enhanced, and if by any chance your video carries the URL of any of your Blogs(which it should), then Bingo! you are on...

Submit Blog to RSS Feeds Directories:

 The Real Simple Syndication (RSS) Technology is really one of the coolest ways to do things online these days; as most people now prefer subscribing to blog's RSS feed via feed readers like Google reader, BlogLines etc; therefore submitting your blog to RSS Feed directories like FeedBurner, moreover.com etc is another easy way to get your blog to the index of top search engines, as most of the top engines like Google and MSN/Bing now crawl these sites for their SERP's, so if you have your blog in the data base of any of the RSS feed directories and Aggregators, the chances of your blog getting picked up is greatly increased, and if picked it gets indexed immediately by search engine bots.

Add Blog to Zimbio.com:If you are not using this service:

just make sure you sign up after reading this, here at zimbio you get to earn from your contribution via adsense sharing, and what more you are allowed to add your blog for more visibility, and since zimbio is an article/blog directory, it gets crawled daily by search engines, and by so doing your blog via your 

Write Good Reviews For Reviews Sites:

These days so many review sites are springing up like wild fire; sites like Ciao.com, Shvoong.com etc, and this is another source of link love for your blog, that is if you write for any of these sites, since new contents are added every day, these sites are a bee-hive of activities as a result of heavy traffic from reviews and contents written and submitted by users. Some of these sites allow links in the body of your reviews, so adding your Blog's URL in the body of your review leaves your blog no other choice but to get indexed by search engines crawling these sites

Write and Submit Testimonials of Great Sites:

 Products or Services you used or Patronized: Though I am yet to use this method, but if you ask those who have, they'll tell you is another great way to get into the index of search engines. To do this, write good and resourceful testimonials of sites, softwares, ebooks or any service you have used, submit these testimonials to the owners of any of the site, product or service and make sure you include your name and of course Blog URL; the good thing is that most of the top sites and services you have used are high activity sites, which means that search bots crawl these sites daily, so when you write a good testimonial that appears on the Home Pages of any of the sites; it enhances your chances of getting your Blog's URL easily noticed and indexed, try it...
These are 23 easy ways to get your blog easily indexed by search engines without even bordering submitting it
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