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Monday, 1 October 2012

Facebook rehab

Posted by mohammad abubakar on 22:39

                                      Facebook rehab

Social media addicted? Can’t live without internet? Have you ever counted how many times a day you enter your Facebook profile or check your Twitter account? This has become a serious matter of concern for numbers of people who live online, eat, drink and sleep in the internet.
Many of Facebook users do not count how many times they log in Facebook. They share some statuses, pictures, videos and try to get more Facebook likes. These people confess that Facebook addiction causes different daily problems. These people are naturally fighting against this addiction
 Facebook rehab

How? By means of a new system called Facebook Rehab. Facebook rehab is an online rehabilitation program that helps Facebook users to stay away from their Facebook profiles. Through this program you can shorten the limit of using your Facebook account. This way you can check Facebook only two or three times a day. This new program has appeared on July 25 as a Google Spreadsheet.
Logging in Facebook many times during a day means that you are sick of Internet. With the help of this program try to minimize your log in Facebook profile. People who are addicted to Facebook decided to realize an interesting test by making them log in Facebook twice a day.
This test records all the logins and informs us about people who use their Facebook accounts many times during a day. Everyone who wants can add his/her name to the spreadsheet. This way you can record your every step during the use of your Facebook account. If you are confused you can log in to the Google Doc to find and communicate with people who are addicted to Facebook and are trying to stay away from it.
Facebook Rehab program got a great response around people who used to be addicted to Facebook.
This program is free to all Facebook users and has received positive feedback so far. It is quite simple to add your name to the Facebook Rehab experiment spreadsheet for starting your Facebook rehabilitation.
With this perfect project you can try to replace your internet life with some other type of lifestyle, such as, dancing, sports, and different activities. This program gives you an opportunity to make your Internet usage healthier. Do not hesitate and apply to this program keeping you away from being addicted to Facebook. You can easily lose an interest towards your real life and begin to live only for virtual life. Do not lose interest to your life it is the most important thing in your life.

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