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Saturday, 29 September 2012

6 SEO Tracking That Are Wasting Your Time

Posted by mohammad abubakar on 21:34

  6 SEO Tracking That Are Wasting Your Time


Search engine optimization can never be separated from any strategy employed in online marketing. This is perhaps why businesses spend huge amounts of their revenue in pushing their ranking up. It is in this bid that keeping track of SEO metrics has become a top trend. Indeed, finding out your conversion rate is a good way to know how effective your online campaign has been. However, many business owners are entangled in countless metrics that do not give any meaningful pointers about their marketing. 

This read will take you through the 6 SEO tracking that are wasting your time rather than helping you gauge your online marketing success.

Top 20 or 30 Rankings

One of the most popular SEO tracking is how a particular site ranks with top search engines such as Google, Bing and Ask.com. However, many business owners are using the wrong approach by focusing on whether their sites feature in the top 30 or 20 rankings for specific key phrases. However, the reality is that not many internet users make their way to the third or even second page of search results. This is why you are better off focusing on the top 10 rankings instead.

Toolbar Page Rank

One of the SEO metrics adored by website owners is the toolbar PageRank. This simply refers to thescore indicated on toolbar plug-ins and extensions that are designed to provide data for SEO. While a significant decrease could be a sign that Google has detected foul play on your pages, it is not an important metric in regular SEO management. This is because the scores are only publicized once every year meaning you could be glaring at very outdated rankings.

Branded Searches

Not many realizations can boost confidence in your SEO strategies as much as increased branded searches. However, this does not mean that an increase in the number of branded searches that end up on your website indicates your SEO is on the right track. A recent study indicated that branded searches are mostly triggered by aggressive marketing campaigns on other avenues such as mass media. This could be a good pointer but pinning your hopes on it is not wise.

Number of Visitors

As a website owner, you will be glad to find out that thousands of visitors clicked through your pages in one day or even hour. However, the number of daily or hourly visitors is the most overrated SEO tracking. While it provides a revelation of your web presence, the reality is that it is nowhere near as important as finding out the actual conversion rate. This means you can't afford to sit back and celebrate the 300 visitors on your site every hour when only 2 of them show some interest in your products or services.

Social Network Shares 

You can't downplay the importance of social media shares, not when both Bing and Google factor them in their ranking algorithms. However, it is not surprising that social network shares made the list of the 6 SEO tracking that are wasting your time. There is more to publishing content that guarantees massive social media shares than spending the whole day thumping your chest over the 600 Facebook likes or 500 Twitter re-tweets you attracted. You are better off focusing on how properly the traffic from social media is converting into actual buyers or subscribers of your online newsletters.

Social Influence Rankings

The fact that website owners are more worried about their SEO achievements than ever has caught the eye of a few entrepreneurial minds. This is why plenty of websites are popping up to try and quantify the social media influence of different brands in each industry. PeerIndex and Klout are the services that easily come to mind. In reality, there isn't a more effective way to waste time on meaningless SEO tracking.


There are plenty of SEO metrics that could help you gauge how effective your online marketing strategy is. However, testing these metrics costs money and time so you are better off concentrating on the few that give meaningful inferences. The 6 SEO tracking that are wasting your time discussed here may be important, but you can always do without them and still keep your SEO in check. In a world where time is as important as money, invest yours in better metrics.

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Rahul Makhija is the online manager for web design . Rahul consults companies on online marketing, product development, and strategy. During his free time he enjoys reading about human behavior.

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