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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Posted by mohammad abubakar on 23:16

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog


 Blogging is an excellent way to declare yourself and be heard. Blog, which regularly filled in with fresh and abundant of keywords information, can brings many benefits to your business. But what are the main causes and tasks of business blog?

1. Visibility to search engines.

Fill your blog with fresh and relevant information with keywords and search engines will reward you. Search engines, such as Yahoo, Google and Bing, will promote your blog, showing exactly your page as a result of the search on relevant topics.

2. The increase in traffic.

With a blog, you can increase your circle of influence, reach a wider audience, attract new users and buyers. If the content of your blog is interesting and original, you'll easily find readers.

3. Gain a permanent audience.

With a blog, you can easily find your regular readers, visitors and buyers. Have a solid base of loyal customers is very important for any business. All you need is a good and regular content.

4. Improve your company's image.

Blogs provide an excellent opportunity for positioning as an expert in the business. Publishing accurate, understandable and useful information on your blog, you can become an expert in your business field.

5. Reputation management.

 Blog gives an opportunity manage and reply to any negative review about your company. You can even use a blog to clarify obscure points and issues related to your products and services.

6. Ability to understand the mindset of the customer.

Readers / customers usually leave comments on your posts, and it helps to understand their way of thinking. An analysis of the comments and responses to your notes will help you determine the range of interests of your clients.

7. Blog gives additional earning potential.

After all, you can sell not only your product or service, but you can earn on affiliate products, sell links, contextual or teaser ads. The main thing is a sense of proportion - littered with advertising sites badly perceived by visitors.

8. Marketing and PR-tool.

The blog is a free and easy to use tool of marketing and public relations. User-friendly WordPress or another similar platform will allow you quickly and easily publish your posts. Every your employee with an access to the Internet will be able to add content to your blog.

9. Focus on the features of your business.

Having described in blog the unique features and characteristics of your business, you can make the readers understand what makes you better and stands out among the competitors. When you describe unique sales offer and services, be sure to avoid the advertising style.

10. Your competitors already have it.

There is still time to join your blog and website, even if some of the competitors already have "tamed" bloggers. Despite this, if they have a blog, you have one more reason to do the same thing. So you will be sure that keep up with them and watch out for customers. With WordPress blogging is easier than you think.

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