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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Cell Phone Holder Clip!

Posted by Admin on 05:11
Are you like me? I mean, do you take your phone with you everywhere? I mean, most of us do these days, especially since your phone can pretty much do anything. Some of them even cook breakfast for you, right? Well, if they don't they will sometime soon I'm sure. Back to the topic though - you take your phone everywhere, which inevitably means that you're always looking down and always using one hand for your phone and one for everything else you do. You know there's stuff out there to help you though, right? You don't have to suffer the loss of that second hand anymore! You can regain the use of both hands, especially if you are doing something like watching netflix, which I usually end up doing from bed honestly. Enter in the #cellphoneholderstand which is a really long hashtag, but one that is well worth the letters granted to it. This thing is so cool, really. It bends and twists in any way you can imagine, all while maintaining a stable hold of your phone. That lets me lay down in any manner and still watch whatever it is that I'm watching. It clips on my nightstand and stays there, which is pretty awesome. It also comes with a kickstand type stand for your phone too, but honestly that has nothing on the big twisty clip thing. I really do love this. Where was this when I was confined to my bed during my pregnancy? Sheesh. =) Check it out, really, over on Amazon. I highly recommend it.

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