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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Of Camping and Smores

Posted by Admin on 04:45
So the spring is upon us, which inevitably means camping days for my family. We love camping, but not in the dead of the summer or the middle of the winter. That leaves us spring and fall, both great times to enjoy the outdoors. What do you do when you go camping? I know we love to do lots of stuff. We swim in local lakes or rivers, we hike through the woods with our dogs, and we love to light that campfire and enjoy camping foods. Hot dogs, smores, and just about anything you can stick on a stick and cook, we've got it! But this year, we'll also have something new with us on our camping trips - special #smoresticks. That's right, special, telescopic posts made of stainless steel with a nice, thick wooden handle, that allows all of us, even the kids to get in on the action. I used to worry about the kids leaning too close to the fire, but these are really long enough so that I don't have to worry about that anymore. They also make it easy to cook hot dogs and sausages without having to take forever one at a time. There's so much to love about these, really, so why not go check them out?

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