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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Marimo Giant Moss Balls for Aquariums

Posted by Admin on 02:41
I thought it strange, the one day I walked into the pet store and told them the tale of how my algae problem kept killing fish. In fact, I was really having trouble keeping anything alive in the tank. Perhaps it was because I was just bad with fish. Of course that's not what was strange, it was their response that caught me off guard.

They told me to buy a moss ball.

"A what? Is it alive?" was my response. It looked like I green pom pom, with a $12 price tag. Apparently it was a plant of some kind that would help balance the water and prevent huge algae outbreaks. I wasn't sure how, and they didn't really explain it to me, but I went home with a $12 ball of green fluff.

Fast forward a few years and a move later and I find myself setting up my fish tank again. And again, I notice the algae problem starting all over again. Thankfully, whatever that green moss ball was, it had an amazing effect on my tank, so I decided that's exactly what I needed again. And so I went on a search and found the perfect solution: Luffy Giany Marimo Moss Balls.

But the best part was I didn't have to pay out a ton for what I needed! For the same cost as that one moss ball so long ago, I could get 4, 3 giant ones and a mini. These are awesome and they are already at home in my tanks.

I may have received a sample for evaluation, but I want to pass on some savings to you, my readers, as well. Purchase your Marimo today and save 21% with this code: K8L4JFJC

Comment below with your thoughts, and let me know how you plan to use your Marimo. The Japanese believe they bring luck, so many are found in small containers of water on desks and tables. I, like many others, love them in our aquariums. What about you?

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